Media Releases

HEF Fact Sheet

2016 2014 Biomass Utilization
-- 2014 US Forest Service Disaster Management Seminar
-- Hazardous fuel removal for wildfire prevention at Hacienda de las Flores in Moraga

2014 2014 US Forest Service Disaster Management Seminar
-- Training on Use of Photo series for Quantifying natural fuels

2013 2013 US Forest Service Disaster Management Seminar

2011 20 Years After -- Local fire agencies better prepared to deal with wildfire
-- Homeowners and firefighters partner for wildfire safety
-- 20 years after the Tunnel Fire challenges continue

2010 2010 Bay Area Fire Weather Cooperators Meeting

2008 2008 Wildland Urban Interface Building Standards Training
2008 "Best Management Practices" Briefing Paper
2008 "Bay Area on Fire" Briefing Paper

2005 APA Briefing Paper
2005 DRC Briefing Paper
2005 IAEM Bulletin Article

05/2004 Media Safety Day Invitation
-- Fact Page
-- FollowUp

11/2003 Lessons Shared with Southern California Fire Victims/Agencies

10/2003 Firewise Workshop

06/2003 Fire Season Heats Up in the East Bay

05/2003 Media Safety Day

04-05/2003 Weed Management Control Training

03/3003 Fighting Wildland Fire and Weeds

9/2002 Chip Dumpers Caught/ Sudden Oak Death Connection